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Experience Japan close to home
Experience Japan close to home

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Play Japanese crane games online from anywhere

Japanese crane games are hugely popular what its variety of machines and prizes, but now anyone can play with online crane game services.... Read More

Japanese netsuke: the foremost collectible Japanese antique

Japanese netsuke were originally small clothing accessories. Today, they are among the most collectable pieces of Japanese antiquity. ... Read More

‘Sushi Candy’ Japanese snacks and sweets

Japanese snacks and snack boxes are becoming increasingly popular. Here I try out an alternative snack box from 'Sushi Candy'. ... Read More

Japanese tatami mats: from traditional to modern

Tatami mats are a unique type of Japanese flooring that has existed for over 1000 years, but they are also adapting to modern lifestyles. Lets understand the changes.... Read More

The Japanese diet: nutrition and practices

What truly makes a Japanese diet? lets uncover what foods the Japanese eat but also the importance of how they eat it. ... Read More

10 common Japanese words we use without realising

Many of us use common Japanese words in our speech without realising that they are in fact Japanese, here are 10 that may surprise you.... Read More

Discover the wonder of a bonsai tree

The Japanese art of bonsai, (growing a miniature tree in a pot) can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Lets learn how to get involved. ... Read More

Shogi vs Chess: the Japanese board game explained

The Japanese game of Shogi is often referred to as Japanese Chess. To explain what Shogi is, lets compare it to the game we already know.... Read More

Replicating a Japanese hot spring experience in the UK

Japanese hot springs are a big attraction for many people, but there is a way of experiencing something similar without leaving the country. ... Read More

Get started with Origami: the Japanese paper folding craft

The Japanese paper folding craft known as Origami, is incredibly easy to pickup and get started. Here's a little help to get you on your way. ... Read More