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+ Ai earthquake

Japan earthquake heralds a catastrophic start to 2024

2024 in Japan has not got off to a good start; a massive earthquake has occurred in Ishikawa Prefecture followed by a fatal collision at Haneda airport....
+ dead fish

Thousands of dead fish wash up on Japan’s northern shore

Thousands of dead fish have washed up on the beaches of Hakodate in northern Japan causing an alarming reaction nationally and internationally....
+ Japanese flag on a pole

UK and Japan agree deeper cooperation on numerous fronts

Several new agreements have recently been finalised between the UK and Japan at the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Hiroshima....
+ bank notes on a table

The Japanese Yen facing near-record decline

For the last twelve months the value of the Japanese Yen has been in decline, with its currency facing a near 32 year low. ...
+ A white train arriving at the station

Japan Rail Pass price increase comes into force

The famous Japan Rail Pass, which has become indispensable for many, has recently had its price increased by an average of 70%....
+ Black and White half moon

Japan’s space mission to the moon successfully gets underway

Japan's space mission to the moon recently got underway aiming to test new technologies and conduct observations. ...
+ Nestlé Japan's standing sleep pods concept art

Japan experiments with standing sleep pods in cafés

Japan has unveiled a new way to nap with its standing sleep pods. Currently found in the Nestlé café, this experiment could go further if it proves popular....
+ water channel

Japan begins releasing treated Fukushima water into the sea

Japan's controversial plans to release Fukushima water goes ahead dividing experts, critics, and the public. ...
+ A set of prosthetic arms

Japanese robotic arms in development at the University of Tokyo

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have recently demonstrated a set of Japanese robotic arms which aim to "advance human capabilities"....
+ old cinema camera

Japan wins multiple awards at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival

Japan and Japanese cinema had a good night at this years Cannes Film Festival, showcasing a host of films and picking up a number of awards. ...
+ different varieties of bread in a basket

Japanese woman wins Britain’s Best loaf competition

Miyo Aoetsu, a woman originally from Japan but now resides in Britain has become the winner of this year's Britain's Best Loaf competition....
+ casino table

Japan approves first casino as part of a new resort in Osaka

The Japanese government on Thursday officially approved plans to build a new casino in Osaka as part of a wider resort complex....
+ Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'

Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’ print sells for a record $2.76 million

Katsuskika Hokusais’s ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, sold for $2.76 million (roughly £2.26 million) at Christie's Auction House in New York. ...
+ sushi on a black surface

‘Sushi terrorism’ pranks in Japan causes outrage

For those who want to see these things for yourselves; a Singaporean news group has a short video showing some of what's been unfolding. ...
+ Tokyo view

Japanese families to receive 1 million yen to relocate from Tokyo

Starting off the new year, the Japanese government is trying to tackle the population crisis by offering 1 million yen per child to relocate from Tokyo....
+ Three women performing a Japanese dance

Traditional Japanese dance becomes UNESCO ‘intangible cultural heritage’

41 traditional Japanese dance routines have officially become part of UNESCO's 'intangible cultural heritage' following a meeting in Morocco. ...
+ A coloured line graph.

Japan begins carbon trading trial scheme

This week, Japan unveils its new carbon trading trial scheme that intends to keep the country heading towards its climate goals....
+ hazard sign amongst grass.

Is the Fukushima disaster nearing a conclusion?

Recently, parts of the town of Futaba within Fukushima has been given the 'all clear' to re-enter. Also, water stored in the Daiichi power plant is to be released....
+ Front of a vending machine

Self-driving vending machine trialled in Japan

Japan begins finding it's own use for new self-driving technology, in the form of a vending machine on wheels. ...
+ A swirling shape

Japanese researchers announce artificial gravity is in the works

Japanese researchers have announced a proposal that could see artificial gravity become a reality in the future. ...
+ nameofmin ZcrTp07GQ2M unsplash

The Japan electricity shortage combining with increasing temperatures

Japan is facing an electricity crisis which has been highlighted by the roasting temperatures currently affecting the country....
+ Orange gate surrounded by tourists

The great Japan reopening

Japan has begun reopening its borders once more, but what changes have been made? and what are the requirements for traveling? ...