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Experience Japan close to home

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Is knowing Japanese necessary to visit Japan?

Is knowing Japanese necessary to visit Japan? is a question that is rightfully asked when planning a trip. I aim to help understand if this is the case.... Read More

Is Japan safe? crime and other considerations

Is Japan safe? An often asked question, that is almost universally answered with yes. However, I look at the numbers and some things to look out for.... Read More

NHK for learning Japanese: a useful Japanese resource?

The NHK network is a household name in Japan as a public broadcaster, however using NHK for learning Japanese has become a great option. ... Read More

The 5 best methods of transportation in Japan (by purpose)

Transportation in Japan should be big consideration for your trip, as the best method depends on your plans. To help you decide, here's 5 of the best... Read More

Kanji From Zero review: a useful Japanese resource?

The Kanji From Zero workbook specifically targets those with zero Kanji knowledge, but is it a useful Japanese resource for that purpose?... Read More

The story of Hachiko the dog: Japan’s most famous canine

Hachiko the dog was a remarkable companion who's story of loyalty and dedication has touched many people both in Japan and beyond. ... Read More

Samurai ronin and ninjas: what’s the difference?

Who were the samurai? what are ronin? and what were ninja's really like? if you've ever asked one of these questions, here's an understanding of each.... Read More

Satori Reader: a useful Japanese resource?

Satori Reader, a Japanese language learning tool that focuses on reading comprehension to achieve fluency. How useful is it for learning Japanese?... Read More

Are samurai swords legal in the UK?

Many who have an interest in Japan inevitably come to ask 'are samurai swords legal in the UK?' Here are some guidelines to an answer.... Read More

12 practical tips for learning Japanese

Japanese is one of the worlds hardest languages, however, there's a variety things you can do to help you improve. Here are 12 of my tips for learning Japanese. ... Read More