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Immediately engage with Japan through crafts, food & drink, games, sport and more — all able to be explored wherever you are.

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Tokyo vs London property prices and affordability

With property prices creeping increasingly higher in London, we wonder is Japan's capital any different? find out in this Tokyo vs London property comparison. ...
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20 Japanese gift ideas for Japan enthusiasts

Looking to find that perfect gift for someone interested in Japan? Then here are 20 Japanese gift ideas that could prove to be a winner. ...
+ Demon Slayer

Subbed or dubbed: which one is for you?

Subbed or dubbed, the eternal question that continues to rage, but which one is best for you? lets look at some reasons for and against each....
+ flowers in a pink bowl

Why winter ikebana is the perfect flower arranging season

Ikebana is a Japanese flowering arranging art that can be performed throughout the year. Yet, I want to explain why winter ikebana could be the best...
+ A running track finish line

The emergence of Japan in International sport

In recent years there has been somewhat of a surge of achievement in regards to Japan in international sport. What exactly has occurred and why?...
+ AI generated traditional Japanese clothing

Traditional Japanese clothing and where to find it UK

Traditional Japanese clothing is admired by many people across the world. Lets explore some of the different types that can be found in the UK....
+ Close-up of a taiko drum

Japanese taiko drums: performance and UK groups

Japanese taiko drums are instruments of great tradition still being used to bring percussive performance art to the world — including the UK....
+ Japanese card games featured

Learn to play traditional Japanese card games

There are a variety of Japanese card games and decks that are still being played today. Learn some of the most popular, so that you can too....
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Japanese martial arts classes UK: which one’s for you?

There are tons of Japanese martial arts classes and clubs in the UK to get involved with. I aim to introduce all the options, suitability and discovery. ...
+ A book and cup on a table

What is Wabi-sabi? and why you should use it

What is Wabi-sabi? is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions relating to Japanese culture, one that I intend to definitively answer....
+ Japanese crane game center with bear

Play Japanese crane games online from anywhere

Japanese crane games are hugely popular what its variety of machines and prizes, but now anyone can play with online crane game services....
+ Japanese netsuke at Cleveland museum

Japanese netsuke: the foremost collectible Japanese antique

Japanese netsuke were originally small clothing accessories. Today, they are among the most collectable pieces of Japanese antiquity. ...
+ A bag full of Japanese snacks

‘Sushi Candy’ Japanese snacks and sweets

Japanese snacks and snack boxes are becoming increasingly popular. Here I try out an alternative snack box from 'Sushi Candy'. ...
+ tatami room

Japanese tatami mats: from traditional to modern

Tatami mats are a unique type of Japanese flooring that has existed for over 1000 years, but they are also adapting to modern lifestyles. Lets understand the changes....
+ black tray filled with colourful food

The Japanese diet: nutrition and practices

What truly makes a Japanese diet? lets uncover what foods the Japanese eat but also the importance of how they eat it. ...
+ Common Japanese words

10 common Japanese words we use without realising

Many of us use common Japanese words in our speech without realising that they are in fact Japanese, here are 10 that may surprise you....
+ A large potted plant in a circular tray

Discover the wonder of a bonsai tree

The Japanese art of bonsai, (growing a miniature tree in a pot) can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Lets learn how to get involved. ...
+ Shogi featured 1

Shogi vs Chess: the Japanese board game explained

The Japanese game of Shogi is often referred to as Japanese Chess. To explain what Shogi is, lets compare it to the game we already know....
+ A steaming hot spring

Replicating a Japanese hot spring experience in the UK

Japanese hot springs are a big attraction for many people, but there is a way of experiencing something similar without leaving the country. ...
+ A set of Origami creations

Get started with Origami: the Japanese paper folding craft

The Japanese paper folding craft known as Origami, is incredibly easy to pickup and get started. Here's a little help to get you on your way. ...
+ 8 Japanese brands

8 well-known Japanese brands you didn’t know were Japanese

Japanese brands can be found everywhere in the UK but may be easily missed. Don't believe me? Here are 8 big named brands that are Japanese....
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The intricate nature of Japanese tea

In Japan, tea is more than just a drink. Besides the many varieties, Japanese tea is used in a variety of ways creating a unique tea culture. ...
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Discover the fascination of a Japanese puzzle box

A Japanese puzzle box can appear deceptively simple yet hide great skill and complexity. Discover what they are and where to find your own....
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Traditional to modern Japanese furniture, aesthetics and where to buy UK

If you want to feel a little more connected to Japan, why not try bringing some Japanese furniture and furnishings into your own home? ...
+ Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Monument of Olympic Rings 1

A look at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony has come and gone, and its a good time to reflect on what was witnessed in a ceremony like no other....
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The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games: Details, schedules and more

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is just around the corner. Before it gets started, here are some details, schedules, and ways to watch the games....
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Discover Japanese football and the ways to watch

Japanese football is continually growing and an altogether different style of play. Discover what's involved and where you can start watching....
+ Two people contending in Kendo

Kendo in the UK: An understanding and getting started

Kendo is a martial art derived from the practice sessions of the samurai. As its popularity flourished so did a Kendo UK scene....
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Authentic Japanese karaoke in the UK and traditional comparisons

Karaoke in the UK is very different to Japanese Karaoke; however, there are an increasing number of venues offering the Japan-like experience....
+ An overview into a densely forested area

Japanese forest bathing: calming therapy for the modern world

With the ever-increasing effects of the modern world mounting upon our lives, lets take a look into the Japanese remedy of forest bathing....
+ Brightly lit sleeping pods
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The cause and effect of capsule hotels

Capsule hotels are a distinctively Japanese invention. What caused their appearance? What effect have they had? and UK variations you can try...
+ A sumo bout in progress.

Get to grips with sumo wrestling: a concise guide

Sumo is not your typical sport; in fact, it is so much more. Let's get to grips with the national sport of Japan with this simple guide....
+ March 2021 calendar

Japanese events roundup: March 2021

A look at all of the Japanese related events and activities that are happening in March 2021. Both in the U.K and in Japan....
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The drinks of Japan: online event review

A look at the online event presented by Japan House London and japan sake and shochu makers association, on the world of Japanese drinks. ...
+ February 1

February 2021 Japanese events round-up

A look at all of the Japanese related events that are happening In February 2021. Both in the U.K and in Japan....
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Where to watch Japanese movies

Finding where to watch Japanese movies can be tricky but here I put together a few services that are most useful....
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Why Japanese walking tours are an invaluable resource.

A look at why Japanese walking tours are a great alternative way to experiencing Japan. What are they? and why they are useful....
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Experience Japan close to home.

Japan is currently closed and many people unable to visit. My first blog post highlights a few ways in which japan can be experienced close to home. Wherever you are...