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Experience Japan close to home
Experience Japan close to home

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8 well-known Japanese brands you didn’t know were Japanese

Japanese brands can be found everywhere in the UK but may be easily missed. Don't believe me? Here are 8 big named brands that are Japanese.... Read More

The intricate nature of Japanese tea

In Japan, tea is more than just a drink. Besides the many varieties, Japanese tea is used in a variety of ways creating a unique tea culture. ... Read More

Discover the fascination of a Japanese puzzle box

A Japanese puzzle box can appear deceptively simple yet hide great skill and complexity. Discover what they are and where to find your own.... Read More

Traditional to modern Japanese furniture, aesthetics and where to buy UK

If you want to feel a little more connected to Japan, why not try bringing some Japanese furniture and furnishings into your own home? ... Read More

A look at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony has come and gone, and its a good time to reflect on what was witnessed in a ceremony like no other.... Read More

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games: Details, schedules and more

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is just around the corner. Before it gets started, here are some details, schedules, and ways to watch the games.... Read More

Discover Japanese football and the ways to watch

Japanese football is continually growing and an altogether different style of play. Discover what's involved and where you can start watching.... Read More

Kendo in the UK: An understanding and getting started

Kendo is a martial art derived from the practice sessions of the samurai. As its popularity flourished so did a Kendo UK scene.... Read More

Authentic Japanese karaoke in the UK and traditional comparisons

Karaoke in the UK is very different to Japanese Karaoke; however, there are an increasing number of venues offering the Japan-like experience.... Read More

Japanese forest bathing: calming therapy for the modern world

With the ever-increasing effects of the modern world mounting upon our lives, lets take a look into the Japanese remedy of forest bathing.... Read More