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+ The Abroad in Japan book cover
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The Abroad in Japan book review

The Abroad in Japan book is the autobiographical account of well-known YouTuber Chris Broad as he seeks to share his experiences after ten years in Japan....
+ Two people in a car
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Drive My Car film review: a Japanese character drama

This character centric story follows the lives of Yukuke and his new driver Misaki, a mysterious couple with troubled pasts. Find out more in my Drive My Car film review....
+ SW featured
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Summer Wars film review

This animated film takes a look at the importance of family in an increasingly digital world. Find out more in this Summer Wars film review....
+ BTITM early
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Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes film review

Beyond the infinite two minutes is a short film exploring the idea of time delay, told within a realistic environment. Learn what to expect here....
+ Spirited Away 052
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Spirited Away film review

Over 20 years ago one of the greatest ever animated films was released to the world. I discuss its merits in this Spirited Away film review....
+ samurai on a cliff
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Trek to Yomi game review: the power of nostalgia

In this Trek to Yomi game review, learn what you can expect from a samurai game that looks like it was pulled straight from a 1950's film archive....
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Battle Royale film review: 20 year perspective

Battle Royale, a film released over 20 years ago is still just as shocking as was then. Lets look at what makes it so and the effects it had....
+ silhouette of a man near a castle
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Samurai Shifters film review: An alternate perspective of samurai

Samurai Shifters is a 2019 Japanese film directed by Inudo Isshin. I take a look at this alternate samurai narrative with my film review....
+ movie camera
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Where to watch Japanese movies

Finding where to watch Japanese movies can be tricky but here I put together a few services that are most useful....