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Experience Japan close to home

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Tokyo vs London property prices and affordability

With property prices creeping increasingly higher in London, we wonder is Japan's capital any different? find out in this Tokyo vs London property comparison. ... Read More

20 Japanese gift ideas for Japan enthusiasts

Looking to find that perfect gift for someone interested in Japan? Then here are 20 Japanese gift ideas that could prove to be a winner. ... Read More

Subbed or dubbed: which one is for you?

Subbed or dubbed, the eternal question that continues to rage, but which one is best for you? lets look at some reasons for and against each.... Read More

Why winter ikebana is the perfect flower arranging season

Ikebana is a Japanese flowering arranging art that can be performed throughout the year. Yet, I want to explain why winter ikebana could be the best... Read More

The emergence of Japan in International sport

In recent years there has been somewhat of a surge of achievement in regards to Japan in international sport. What exactly has occurred and why?... Read More

Traditional Japanese clothing and where to find it UK

Traditional Japanese clothing is admired by many people across the world. Lets explore some of the different types that can be found in the UK.... Read More

Japanese taiko drums: performance and UK groups

Japanese taiko drums are instruments of great tradition still being used to bring percussive performance art to the world — including the UK.... Read More

Learn to play traditional Japanese card games

There are a variety of Japanese card games and decks that are still being played today. Learn some of the most popular, so that you can too.... Read More

Japanese martial arts classes UK: which one’s for you?

There are tons of Japanese martial arts classes and clubs in the UK to get involved with. I aim to introduce all the options, suitability and discovery. ... Read More

What is Wabi-sabi? and why you should use it

What is Wabi-sabi? is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions relating to Japanese culture, one that I intend to definitively answer.... Read More