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Experience Japan close to home
Experience Japan close to home

The Abroad in Japan book review

The Abroad in Japan book is the autobiographical account of well-known YouTuber Chris Broad as he seeks to share his experiences after ten years in Japan.... Read More

Japan earthquake heralds a catastrophic start to 2024

2024 in Japan has not got off to a good start; a massive earthquake has occurred in Ishikawa Prefecture followed by a fatal collision at Haneda airport.... Read More

Tokyo vs London property prices and affordability

With property prices creeping increasingly higher in London, we wonder is Japan's capital any different? find out in this Tokyo vs London property comparison. ... Read More

Thousands of dead fish wash up on Japan’s northern shore

Thousands of dead fish have washed up on the beaches of Hakodate in northern Japan causing an alarming reaction nationally and internationally.... Read More

Drive My Car film review: a Japanese character drama

This character centric story follows the lives of Yukuke and his new driver Misaki, a mysterious couple with troubled pasts. Find out more in my Drive My Car film review.... Read More

20 Japanese gift ideas for Japan enthusiasts

Looking to find that perfect gift for someone interested in Japan? Then here are 20 Japanese gift ideas that could prove to be a winner. ... Read More

Subbed or dubbed: which one is for you?

Subbed or dubbed, the eternal question that continues to rage, but which one is best for you? lets look at some reasons for and against each.... Read More

UK and Japan agree deeper cooperation on numerous fronts

Several new agreements have recently been finalised between the UK and Japan at the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Hiroshima.... Read More

Why winter ikebana is the perfect flower arranging season

Ikebana is a Japanese flowering arranging art that can be performed throughout the year. Yet, I want to explain why winter ikebana could be the best... Read More

The Japanese Yen facing near-record decline

For the last twelve months the value of the Japanese Yen has been in decline, with its currency facing a near 32 year low. ... Read More