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Experience Japan close to home

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The British Museum Japan collection: what to expect

The British Museum has a substantial collection of Japanese artefacts, and curiosities that are well worth seeing. Find out what to expect from a visit... Read More

Kabuki Legends: the kappazuri art exhibition at the Ashmolean

'Kabuki Legends' a Japanese kappazuri art exhibition is currently being shown at the Ashmolean Museum. Take a look at what it entails.... Read More

Japanese artistry on display at the Ashmolean museum Oxford

Amongst the countless exhibits of the Ashmolean museum Oxford, you'll find a collection of Japanese artifacts dedicated to Japanese art and design.... Read More

The Peace Pagoda of Battersea Park

The Peace Pagoda Battersea Park monument is a structure born from the burning desire for peace from the Japanese monk Nichidatsu Fujii. ... Read More

The Holland Park Kyoto Garden: The Japanese Garden of London

The Japanese style 'Kyoto Garden' found within Holland Park is a world away from where you'd expect to find it, I'm glad that it is.... Read More

12 of the best Japanese restaurants in the UK

Japanese cuisine is some of the best in the world, but there are also many Japanese restaurants to be found in the UK. Here's 12 of the best.... Read More

The Japan experience at Kew Gardens (revisited)

There are a lot of Japan related areas at Kew Gardens that many Japanese enthusiasts need to see, I went back to see some parts I missed.... Read More

Japanese galleries and exhibition spaces in London

Did you know there are a number of Japanese galleries and exhibition spaces waiting to be explored in London. Here are a few that exist.... Read More

12 unique Japanese shops in the UK

Interested in Japanese products but don't live in Japan? There is in fact lots of Japanese shops in the UK and here is just 12 to get started.... Read More

The Japanese gardens of Kew: a distinctly Japanese adventure

With a Japanese Landscape, Bamboo garden, and plentiful Cherry Blossoms; the Kew gardens Japanese experience provides a lot to contemplate.... Read More