My interest in Japan and me

We live in an age where anyone can learn anything, anywhere at any time. No matter what you set out to learn or gain knowledge in; the end destination is, in fact, always a rabbit hole in disguise. As for me, I set out one day to learn to a little more about Japan, what I discovered was an ever-growing web of interest that will most likely come to play a big part of my life.

Growing up in the United Kingdom exposure to Japan and east Asia seemed extremely limited, and to some extent I feel it still is. There would be times when a piece of news or information would leak its way into everyday life for just a moment, but long enough to plant that seed of interest. (this is before the internet really took off.)

The first impression I pieced together, was that Japan was this technological marvel and this fascinated me. I learnt that this wasn’t entirely correct, but fast-forwarding to today, I do feel that Japan Is extremely innovative.

I would class myself as a creative person who is into writing, photography, crafts, and really just creating things. Always wanting to do and learn as much as I can, I previously gained experience in music performance, acting, local journalism, and coding. oh and lets not forget the forever on-going challenge of learning the Japanese language.

Why am I writing?

My purpose for starting this blog stemmed from the period during Covid-19. International travel was banned to almost everywhere, and a lot of ambitions and travel plans were torn-up overnight. This happened to me as well.

My trip to japan that I had debated and planned for years was gone and the possibility of going in the foreseeable future is dubious at best.

I began to realise however, that I have learnt a lot about japan by various means and have had small encounters with japan at home. In fact, I found there is actually tons of places to go, things to do, ways to learn, and to be a part of japan from almost everywhere in the world. My aim is to highlight this fact and explore what is possible; whilst also providing interesting and insightful content that is relatable to us in the UK.

My aim is to help you experience japan at home too.