Nestlé Japan's standing sleep pods concept art
Standing sleep pod concept art ©Nestlé Japan

Japan is a country that seems to have an affinity for a number of things that the rest of the world lacks; experimentation, cafés, and alternate sleeping arrangements. Well, recently all three of these ideas were seemingly smashed together to create something entirely new — the experimentation of standing sleep pods within a Tokyo café. Why not!

This new experience is currently running within Tokyo, more specifically in Harajuku’s Nestle café. Inside you’ll find everything a standard café offers; chairs and tables, good service, and four cylindrical pods in the centre of the room that are very reminiscent of Fallout’s on-street preservation shelters. 

The idea is based upon that of a giraffe’s sleeping pattern in which it stands while doing so, and only for short periods. This new craze has therefore been dubbed the giraffenap. 

Inside these pods you will find padded sections that correspond to various parts of the body such as the knees and the bottom that when leant against will help support you to remain upright. Near the top there is also a shelf in which to lay your arms and head. Currently you can use the pods for 30 minutes.

While this may sound like just another ‘crazy café’ idea, it’s also meant to be very beneficial despite sounding (and looking) very uncomfortable, with current feedback being ‘positive’. 

The cafe’s role in all this is to provide foods that help induce drowsiness so that you can fall asleep quicker. It also provides a coffee which, if drunk just before you enter the pod, will start to affect you by the time you wake up, meaning you awaken energised. 

The current scheme in Harajuku is currently operational until September 17th but it may begin to role out further in offices and other settings by the end of the year.