Miyo Aoetsu, a woman originally from Japan but now resides in Britain has become the winner of this year’s Britain’s Best Loaf competition. She was awarded the prestigious prize after baking her prized bread with techniques and inspiration from her native homeland of Japan as well as inspiration from her time living in France.

Her creation, a Brioche Japonaise, is a loaf containing white chocolate, dried fruit, as well as matcha which is a very common ingredient in Japan. The result is a visibly green loaf which, according to the judges “had a wonderful texture and the decadent white chocolate inclusions remained almost gooey to deliver a wonderful eating experience” 

By all accounts, Miyo Aoestu’s bread has proved popular before even winning the award. She regularly bakes for local customers and businesses in Derbyshire where she runs her own business Kuma-San bakehouse from her home.

The idea was first conceived after returning to England after a brief spell living in France where she admitted she “missed French bread”. Combining that with her own understanding and experience with matcha, which is often used in green tea but also sweets and cakes in Japan, it was a truly unique recipe.

Aside from winning the top prize, the green loaf also won the prize for innovation where the judges also said “In all my years of judging, I’ve never seen anything like this before”. This is certainly a testament to both the bread as well as the woman behind its conception.

Be sure to stop by Kuma-San Bakehouse to learn more about her journey.